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Our Clinical Trial

These patients fit the inclusion & exclusion criteria, BUT do you know them?

Jill is really busy with 3 kids and has zero spare time

Martin has Type 2 Diabetes, but doesn’t stick to his diet

Erika is cautious about change and innovation


Our Solution

Understand and Act Upon the Main Influence on your Trial’s Success - Human Behavior


Trial platform connecting patients and their trusted ecosystem…

The Pushers

Yaniv Zilberman

Chief Executive Officer

Tech Program Setup & Execution

Yoav Grinstein

Chief Operations Officer

Pharma Clinical Trials & Innovation

Team Member

Chief Data Scientist

Data Master, Bio Statistics, Predictive Analytics

Gerald Finken


Former CSO & Founder at CSM, CEO & Founder at Center Point Clinical Services

Dr. Ben-Zion Weiner

Scientific Advisory Board

Former EVP of Global R&D at Teva Pharmaceutical, Rothschild Prize for Innovation


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